The Pursuit of the





Finding Opportunities for Happiness in the Ever-Present Now

Revised Edition 2019


It all began with a personal epiphany that occurred in the most unlikely of circumstances. The epiphany led to a personal journey that changed the way I look at the world and live my life.

Book Review

I enjoyed reading the book and was fascinated that his thoughts for opportunities for happiness began when he was brushing his teeth. I enjoyed his perspective on the process of brushing his teeth, and that giving it more thought actually improved the quality of the way he brushed his teeth. That also led to more interesting thoughts on everyday life. I found the book worth reading and passed it on to my dental hygienist last week.

Mary C. Bartholet, Amazon customer (review for the 2012 edition)

About the Author

Peter G. Justus is a board certified gastroenterologist and practices medicine in Kirkland, WA. He received a B.S. degree in Zoology and an M.D. degree from the University of Washington.

Radio Interview

Ric Bratton

Kate Delaney



President’s Day

President’s Day

Today we, the citizens of the United States, celebrate the birthdays of our first president George Washington and our 16th, Abraham Lincoln, the president who guided our nation through the trauma of the Civil War.  Honoring these individuals should remind us of...

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It’s January 2nd

It’s January 2nd

Okay, it’s sometime in early January and you step on the scale. And you can’t believe the number staring you straight in the face. You are ashamed and you are going to do something about it. You make what is the most common New Year’s resolution: weight loss. (By the...

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Dealing with Change

Dealing with Change

Dealing with change is not an optional activity, it is a necessity. This is not only true for us human beings, but it is also true for every form of life. Why? Because the environment in which all living entities exist is in constant change. For example, alterations...

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