How to Stay Happy in Difficult Times?

Challenges and problems are a normal part of life. In essence, life is not always a walk in the park. There are bad and difficult days. Sometimes, life can really be frustrating, stressful, and exhausting. The situation of the present time is an example of this. Currently, the entire world is facing a crisis of unprecedented level. The looming threat of a pandemic continues to push many economies and health care systems to the brink of collapse. Almost everywhere, there are people who are going jobless, homeless, hungry, and dying. If you always watch or read the news, then you probably already have an idea on how difficult the current times are. It is in tough times like this that it can become especially difficult for anyone to feel even speck of happiness. Difficult times often render many people afraid, anxious, and hopeless.

However, despite the bad and difficult days, it is still important for you to find happiness even in small things in order to keep your heart in check and your mind intact. No matter what the current situation is, there are always going to be some reasons for you to be happy. This is one of the main points of Peter Justus in his self-reflective book, The Pursuit of the Personal Renaissance Experience. According to Peter Justus, there are always opportunities for happiness in the ever-present now; you only need to find them and choose happiness yourself. As an author, Peter Justus primarily aims to help other people become and remain happy. He particularly shares numerous effective ways to achieve happiness in Peter Justus blogs. If you currently feel overwhelmed by the challenges and problems of the present times, then perhaps you might need to read the articles on Peter Justus blogs. To help you even further, below are some of the basic but powerful things that you can do to stay happy in difficult times.

Preoccupy yourself with the things that you love

Oftentimes, the challenges and problems of life take a toll on your emotional and mental well-being simply because you allow them to. It is difficult for you to be happy because, instead of thinking about the good things, you choose to wallow in the negative ones. You allow your mind to be consumed by the anxiety, fear, doubt, and frustration that the tough days bring. So, to achieve or sustain happiness in difficult times, you need to keep yourself from wallowing in negativities. To accomplish this, always preoccupy yourself with the things that you love. Keep yourself busy by doing the things that you enjoy. You can work, read books, create art, learn a new skill, and more. Regardless of whatever you choose to do, just make sure that it can make you think of happy thoughts and forget about the bad ones for a while.

Remain connected with your loved ones

It is during difficult times that people need one another the most. Choosing to isolate yourself will only make you more anxious, frustrated, and lonely than you already are. Especially in difficult times, you need to keep yourself connected with the people that you love – your family, friends, partner, and so on. This does not necessarily mean that you need to have daily personal interactions with them. Instead, remaining connected with your loved ones essentially means that you always keep your line open. You are willing to listen to their stories of progress and failure, and in return, you also let yourself become comfortable with sharing your happiness and frustration with them.

Rest for as long as you need

The surge of challenges and problems that you experience in difficult times can sometimes drain both your energy and happiness. In tough situations when your entire physical, emotional, and mental strength is continuously being challenged, it is normal to feel frustration and exhaustion in the long run. Once you already start feeling frustrated, stressed, exhausted, and unhappy with the things that are happening around you, the most necessary thing that you have to do is to take a rest. Happiness cannot linger in a tired mind and body. So, if you want remain happy, especially in difficult times, then you need to learn how to prioritize your overall well-being. Rest for as long as your mind and body need. From time to time, allow yourself to rest, reflect, and recharge.

In conclusion, life is indeed a series of ups and downs. There are joyful days, but there are also difficult ones. Nonetheless, you should never allow the challenges and problems that these difficult days bring to stop you from constantly achieving happiness. As Peter Justus has pointed out, regardless of how tough the current situation is, there are always opportunities for happiness in the ever-present now. The articles in Peter Justus blogs particularly emphasize that there are many ways to achieve happiness. The only thing that you need to do is to find these opportunities, try these ways, and choose happiness yourself.

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