Simple Ways to Feel Happy at the Moment

Happiness can be found in simple things. You do not need to travel around the world, or experience the grandeur of a cruise ship just to feel happy and joyful. Happiness can stem from anything, anywhere, even in the most mundane things. Each precious moment offers a great opportunity to be happy – this is one of the central themes of Peter Justus’ life-changing book entitled, The Pursuit of the Personal Renaissance Experience: Finding Opportunities for Happiness in the Ever-Present Now.

The Pursuit of the Personal Renaissance Experience is an ultimate guidebook that teaches its readers about the importance of living in the moment, and that provides them with some tools that can help them live a happier life. These tools and steps on how to achieve happiness in life by Peter Justus revolve around the core argument that happiness can be found everywhere, even in the simplest of things. Happiness is not as elusive as it seems. You can definitely find happiness anytime, anywhere whenever you choose to. To help you in your pursuit of happiness, below are some of the simple ways to feel happy at the moment.

Begin each day with a grateful attitude

There are a lot of things that you can be grateful for in life: the delicious meal you had last dinner, the great conversations you had yesterday, the new opportunities that today brings, and more. In fact, having the ability to wake up every morning is already a big reason in itself to be thankful. Each day provides you with different, new opportunities to explore life, and to enjoy every aspect of it. So, begin each day with a grateful attitude. Upon waking up every morning, say a little message of gratitude to God, or to whomever or whichever it is that you owe your life to. You can even be thankful to yourself for being brave and strong enough to face each day. Whatever it is, just be sure to foster a grateful and positive attitude every day.

Spend some time doing what you enjoy the most

Every person has a passion for something. It can be a passion for something creative like painting, writing, dancing, singing, and playing musical instruments, or it can be for something else like gardening, cooking, and more. Regardless of whatever your passion is, it is important that you spend some time of your day or week on doing what you love and enjoy the most. Spending some time on your hobbies and interests can greatly uplift your mood, and can also improve your skills and talents. Even though life seems to be always busy, you can never be busy enough to forget about the things that you are passionate about.

Have some conversations with your loved ones

Talking to the people you love is also a great way to enhance your mood, and get rid of your stress. Your loved ones – may it be your family, friends, or partner – can be a great outlet of your emotions. You can vent to them whenever you have some problem, and they will surely be willing to give you a listening ear. Other than your problems, you can also talk about anything to your loved ones, including the most random things. Having regular conversations with the people you love are a key to building stronger relationships. It can also make you a lot happier, as it can make you feel heard by the people you are most comfortable with.

Give a helping hand

There is always a great feeling of happiness and satisfaction that comes from helping others. It can make you feel better about yourself, and it can also make other people feel less sad or stressed out about life. Helping others can be done in simple ways as well. You do not need to be grand in your act of kindness just to feel that you truly helped. Just by helping an elderly person cross the street, holding the door open for somebody, or buying a homeless person some healthy meal is already a great act of kindness in itself.

Indeed, happiness can be found in the simplest things – in waking up every morning, in doing your hobbies, in having conservations with the people you love, in helping others, and more. You do not need to acquire so much material wealth just to feel contented and happy in life. The steps on how to achieve happiness in life by Peter Justus and the ways mentioned in this article prove that you can possibly be happy just by living in the moment and appreciating everything that every day has to offer.


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