Why You Must Actively Pursue Happiness

Happiness is a noble pursuit. It brings about numerous benefits. However, some people do not seem to realize the great importance of being happy. Peter Justus in achieving happiness in life particularly argued that many people spend their lives living through precious moments, and letting every opportunity for happiness slip away. Indeed, life is a difficult journey, but this does not mean that you should no longer actively pursue happiness. Being battered by the challenges of life is not a reason to fully give up on being happy. There are many reasons why you must actively pursue happiness, regardless of whatever circumstances you are in.

Happiness improves overall health and well-being

Actively pursuing happiness has a great impact on your health and well-being. Being happy makes you less stressed out and more relaxed. Happiness makes you think more about the positive things, and by thinking about the positive things, you are setting aside the negative ones.

Generally, there is a link between emotions and health. In a study published in Psychosomatic Medicine in 2006, for example, it was found that people with positive emotions tend to have lower blood pressures compared to those with negatives ones. Hence, by always feeling positive and happy, you are reducing your risk of contracting diseases that stem from high blood pressure.

Aside from inducing low blood pressure, happiness is also generally linked to prolonged life. According to a Dutch sociologist named Ruut Veenhoven, who researched about the link between happiness and longevity in 2008, people who are happier and more satisfied in life have at least seven and a half to ten additional years in their lifespan. To put it simply, the happier you are, the greater your chances of living longer.

Happiness increases productivity

Being happy enhances your ability to do things because happiness tends to free you from all of the stress and anxiety that may be occupying your mind. In other words, happiness can help you increase your overall productivity and creativity.

In a study conducted by Barbara Fredrickson of the University of Michigan, for example, it was found that happiness has a correlation with stress or negativity. According to her study, happiness repeals the feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression – she called this the ‘undo effect’. Thus, to accomplish more work, and free the mind from the unnecessary negativities that are occupying it, it is necessary to pursue happiness while doing tasks.

If you are working, especially, physical, emotional, and mental stress and anxiety may be a common occurrence to you. Your heavy workload may be taking a toll on your overall health, and thus, affecting your overall productivity. To avoid this from happening or persisting, you need to actively pursue happiness, even in the most challenging or pressuring moments. In general, a happy worker tends to be more creative, productive, and efficient. If you are happy, you can easily take care of your well-being, which can also help you avoid having frequent sick leaves.

Happiness connects people

Lastly, and most importantly, happiness can make you establish solid connections with other people. Being a happy person helps you communicate your thoughts and feelings with others well. Happiness does not only make you feel better as a person, but it also makes you a better person in relations to others, particularly to your family and friends. Planning family excursions, for example, may prove to be helpful in feeling positively. Being with your family is a time when you can talk about anything that either bothers you or satisfies you. You can always rely on your family to make you feel happy, especially when you feel stressed out from work or frustrated in life in general.

Aside from your family, you can also count on your friends. Being happy allows you to create a more positive and open circle of friends that can serve as your outlet in trying times. Having some good friends can generally make you a better and happier person. You can talk to your friends about almost anything, and you can do fun adventures together.

Overall, setting aside your negativities can help improve your overall health as well as your thinking process. To be happy means to be free from doubts, uncertainties, and worries. As what Peter Justus in achieving happiness in life argued, most people spend their lives living through precious moments that they forget to pursue happiness and eventually feel empty. This should not be the case, as people always have the choice on whether or not to pursue happiness. Your endless pursuit of happiness is a necessary part of being human.


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